• Elixier De Reiger
    Elixier De Reiger

    Elixier de Reiger, the product for condition and shape!

    € 33,00
  • Herbisan

    Herbisan for shiny and soft feathers, solid droppings, a better training around the loft and a higher vitality!

    € 25,00
  • From 25,90 €


    Energol ensure extra vitality and builds up energy reserves for great efforts and increased oestrus!

  • Fortipur

    Fortipur is a tonic for your pigeons that improves their natural resistance!

    € 25,00
  • Purisan

    Purisan reduces the PH values, solid droppings and soft feathers!

    € 24,00
  • Pural +
    Pural +

    Pural +, synbiotics supporting a healthy intestinal flora!
    To use during flying season on home coming, loss of condition or reduced resistance and for young birds in their transistion period.

    € 30,00
  • Basis - Mix
    Basis - Mix

    Basis-Mix strengthens the condition of your pigeons and increases their energy reserves!

    € 28,00
  • Vit-S-Mix

    Vit-S-Mix the ideal energeticum: your birds will be apple bodies and beautiful in no time!

    € 28,00
  • NEW

    Pura Mano
    Pura Mano

    Disinfectant gel for hygienic hands.

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