Moulting Winter Stimulant

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Moulting-Winter Stimulans has been specially developed for the contemporary racing pigeon, of which we increasingly demand more.
Since it is exposed to many hardships throughout the season, such as breeding, flights, possible diseases and the use of medication, Rui-Winter Stimulans provides the right support. Due to the efforts, the many reserves that are so desperately needed for a complete moult, good feathers and physical recovery, have been completely used up. Moulting Winter Stimulans supports and provides your pigeons with new energy and gives them all the building materials they so desperately need during the most important period of the pigeon season. The sophisticated combination of herbs, yeast cultures, seeds, egg products, sugar-carrot and the unique combination of oils specially formulated for racing pigeons, meets the daily need for Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids in the correct ratio.

Available in buckets of 10 kg.

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