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Daflor "High energy, healthy pigeons" contains poly hydroxy-butyrate together with an enzyme that converts the natural polymer in the intestine into butyric acid. Butyric acid is absorbed very quickly in the intestine. It is pre-eminently the product that nourishes the intestinal wall cells. The ferment contains a rapid supply of butyric acid which ensures good growth of the sheet pile. In this way the pigeon has an excellent ability to absorb important nutrients, to develop a strong immunity and vitality. The hydroxybutyric acid also ensures that Daflor 'High energy, healthy pigeons' is an energy bomb for the consuming pigeon.

We recommend using Daflor "High energy, healthy pigeons" on the feed. Together with Daflor "fermented garlic extract" in the drinking water. This strengthens the intestinal mucosa on the one hand and increases the population of health-promoting micro-organisms on the other. In this way the natural self-healing capacity of the pigeon can be used to the maximum and the general health, vitality and condition are lifted to a higher level.


5 - 10 ml daflor 'High energy, healthy pigeons' per kg feed, after waiting 5 to 10 minutes the feed is dry again.
Can be made fresh 3 - 5 times a week during the racing season, depending on the distance, 2 - 5 days in a row until basketing

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